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Her last year on Hee Haw, tragedy struck, and Misty lost a child, followed by the death of her beloved drama coach, Stella Adler. A move to the East Coast to be with her husband and new baby girl, Dreama, ended in divorce.

Shortly thereafter, her strong foundation in comedy and talent, landed her the part of Louise in the National hit, Always...Patsy Cline, which she performed in Branson, Missouri, Albany, New York, Morgantown, West Virginia, and La Mirada, California, her home state and Bridgeport Downtown Cabaret, breaking all

box offices records in their twenty year history.

As a result of her comedic work in Always...Patsy Cline, she has written a stand-up comedy act which she has performed at numerous clubs in New York City, including the world famous Caroline's, Don't Tell Mama and Stand-Up New York. She also made her Off-Broadway debut at the Tribeca Playhouse in the acclaimed (by the New York Times) play, Imagining Brad, co-starring in a gut-wrenching role wowing critics and fans alike. And if that's not enough, she has put together her own one woman show, "A Misty Christmas...Finally, A Fruitcake You'll Like",  which premiered at the Claridge Hotel in Atlantic City.

What do Minnie Pearl and Marilyn Monroe have in common?

They've both been portrayed by actress Misty Rowe.

Once the curtain went up on Misty's career, the show has never stopped.

She was discovered by the famous voice actor and lecturer, Noel Blanc,and they are close friends to this day. They are collaborating on her latest project, a children's program Misty's Magical Mountaintop.

Misty is enjoying a diversified career that has spanned almost 35 years with more than two hundred T.V. shows, five series and ten films, she is a truly prolific and diverse artist.  

Noel Blanc


Some of her great memories

include the year she spent on

Happy Days as Wendy, the

car hop, when Ron Howard

made his directing debut;

auditioning for Mel Brooks

and winning the role of Maid

Marion, on the series, When

Things Were Rotten, where

she would play opposite Sid Caesar one

week, and Dudley Moore the next.

Another of her favorite memories was starring opposite Joe Namath in

L'il Abner on a

Nationwide tour.

The shorts she

wore as Daisy Mae

in that production,

she also wore on a poster that would sell over one million copies.

The hit of the Cannes Film

Festival for three different

years, and on the cover of

numerous European

magazines, she would meet

Robin Leach, who guest

starred twelve years later

on Hee Haw, and sent her

to Quebec to stay in a

castle on Lifestyles of the

Rich and Famous. Oh yes,

by the way, she was a regular

on Hee Haw for nineteen years.

Cid Ceasar

Along with her cast, Misty received the

 Entertainers Award from TV Land

A recent effort,

Misty’s Magical Mountaintop, produced in her home town, is slated to be shown to children around the globe, and is one of her most industrious effort yet. She is heading up her own production company to bring children everywhere “Learning and Fun Through Imagination”.