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"She used to be a Hee Haw Honey, her face is instantly recognizable. It’s Rowe who also served as Director here, that brings the show up a notch. A Misty Christmas offers a fun, spirited night out that only the Grinch would snarl at."

LifeStyle (The Press of Atlantic City)

Misty Christmas

"A Misty Christmas is a silly, enjoyable evening of holiday songs, a corny comedy segment that pays homage to Hee-Haw", dancing, video clips and cute props like a huge toy-filled sleigh."

The Star Ledger

A Misty Christmas (Cast)

(L to R) Mark Enis, Bryce Bermingham, Misty Rowe, Peter Dinklage, Cindy Summers.


For booking information. . .  please contact Barry Singer, (908) 319-2307.

"A Misty Christmas is a holiday gift for the entire family that's chock full of holiday tunes, comedy, dancing, a bit of audience participation and some good, clean homespun fun."

The Whoot Weekly

Peter Dinklage from A Misty Christmas,