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Meatballs Part II was a comedy film released in 1984. The film starred Richard Mulligan, Hamilton Camp, Kim Richards, John Laroquette, Paul Reubens and Misty Rowe.

National Lampoon's Class Reunion is a 1982 comedy film, directed by Michael Miller and written by John Hughes. The movie stars Stephen Furst, Gerrit Graham, Anne Ramsey, Jacklyn Zeman, Michael Lerner and Misty Rowe.

Several Chuck Berry cameos, playing some of his rock 'n' roll hits.

More Movies

SST - Death Flight    ABC Friday Night Movie “Death Flight” was made for the popcorn crowd and makes its mark. - Misty Rowe may be the projects saving grace.


SST - Death Flight was not only Misty Rowe’s first Movie Of Week it was also Billy Crystal’s. Also starring Regis Philbin, Burgis Merridith, Lorne Greene, Doug Mc Clure, Bert Convy, Peter Graves,  Barbara Anderson, Season Mubley, Tina Louise and Brock Peters.