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Stage Always...Patsy Cline The Glass Menagerie

Although Misty Rowe is best known for her work in Television and Film, the Stage has always been a true passion. Not only as exercise for her range and ability but for her directorial talents as well.  Misty especially enjoys the personal interaction only a live performance can bring.

Always . . . Patsy Cline The Glass Menagerie Pump Boys and Dinettes Pump Boys  & Dinettes  Lil Abner Li’l Abner

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Just Another Blonde Just Another  Blonde A Misty Christmas Misty Christmas

I am so astounded at her range. Amazing!

Stella Adler

Mootown Magic Moo Town Damn  Yankees Blondes  Still  Have  More  Fun Damn Yankees Misty Rowe Blondes STILL Have More Fun