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When Things Were Rotten

When Things Were Rotten was a situation comedy television series created in 1975 by Mel Brooks and aired by ABC.

A parody of the Robin Hood legend, the series starred Dick Gautier (who earlier had played Hymie the Robot in Brooks' Get Smart series) as Robin Hood. Also in the cast were Dick Van Patten as Friar Tuck, Bernie Kopell (another Get Smart veteran) as Alan-a-Dale, Henry Polic II as the Sheriff of Nottingham (whose name was Hubert), Ron Rifkin as Prince John, and Misty Rowe as Maid Marian. Also, Richard Dimitri played a dual role as identical twin brothers; Renaldo was one of the Merry Men, while Bertram was the Sheriff's right-hand man.

My favorite episode was "Those Wedding Bell Blues," directed by Marty Feldman and the guest star was Dudley Moore who married Maid Marion.

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