Donny Most Live

Together Again

Happy Days

Donny Most
Misty Rowe

When you think of Donny Most, you instantly think of his Happy Days character Ralph Malph. You’re not alone. Happy Days is a show that has left a lasting impression on so many of us, and it still brings a smile. Nowadays, Most has found a new way to bring smiles to our faces, as a singer. And what a singer he is.

Joining Most onstage at the Sunrise Theater will be another face from Happy Days and Hee Haw. Misty Rowe, who played Wendy the car hop for the first two seasons of Happy Days and Hee Haw for 19 seasons, will be doing a duet with Most as his special guest.

If you can’t make, check out his album online, D Most: Mostly Swing. You wont be disappointed. And yes, as Ralph Malph would say, he’s still got it.