Li’l Abner

The Atlanta Journal

– Wednesday, July 23, 1980

“Misty Rowe looks the part of Daisy Mae to perfection. With her doll’s face, blonde hair, off-the-shoulder blouses cut breathtakingly low and ragged shorts revealing well-shaped legs, Misty Rowe’s appearance was ideal. Her cutesy personality fits well into Daisy Mae’s love struck image. Furthermore, Miss Rowe can sing and dance…

Book by Norman Panama and Melvin Frank. Lyrics and music by Johnny Mercer and Gene de Paul. Based on characters created by Al Capp. Produced by Christopher B. Manos, Theatre of the Stars, Atlanta. Directed by Stockton Briggle. Choreography by George Bunt. Starring Joe Namath and Misty Rowe.

A crisis arises when the federal government decides that Dogpatch is the most useless spot in the United States. The sleepy community is chosen to replace Nevada as the site of nuclear tests. The citizens seek to find something — anything — useful in Dogpatch to stav off the feds. Kickapoo Joy Juice proves to be the answer, but its potency sets off shenanigans in Washington. For Daisy Mae, the real crisis is that the bombing of Dogpatch might interfere with Sadie Hawkins Day, when she hopes to catch Abner and claim him for her own.

Daisy Mae: I looked in the mirror this morning and most of my good years are gone.
Marryin’ Sam: I guess you’re right. After all, you is pushing eighteen.